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Corporate Presentation:

Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH

G+D Mobile Security is a global mobile security technology company headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company is part of the Giesecke+Devrient group. G+D Mobile Security has a workforce of 5,800 employees and generated sales of approximately EUR 860 m in the 2016 fiscal year. More than 50 sales and partner offices as well as 20+ certified production and personalization sites and data centers ensure customer proximity worldwide.

G+D Mobile Security manages and secures billions of digital identities throughout their entire life cycle. Our products and solutions are used by commercial banks, mobile network operators, car and mobile device manufacturers, business enterprises, transit authorities and health insurances and their customers every day to secure payment, communication and device-to-device interaction. G+D Mobile Security is a technology leader its markets and holds a strong competitive position.

Product Description:

Turn the onboarding process into a great experience

The onboarding and registration process of new customers is a very important step in the customer relationship journey. Creating a great user onboarding experience yet being compliant to local AML and KYC regulations is a key challenge in an increasingly digital world. 

The modular and scalable approach of G+D Mobile Security´s  solutions enable you to build the exact process that you need – from basic check and fill to full featured video chat based remote identifications. Our capabilities for automated security feature checks, automatic OCR readouts of documents, NFC and self-service pre-check flows are showcased. In combination to our Secure Remote Identification solutions, our strong partnership with DANAL provides extensive 2nd channel ID and attribute verification. Seamless integration of our solutions into your existing customer front-ends – app- or browser-based is ensured. Ecosystem synergies with G+D solutions around digital signatures, eSIM management and authentication solutions are easily established.


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