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Buypass is established as a major player in securing transactions with electronic IDs and SSL certificates in Norway. We are a trusted European Certificate Authority (CA). Large public enterprises including the majority of the Norwegian health sector, municipal services and the Norwegian Police is among the organizations that rely on Buypass for encrypting and protecting sensitive data, including use of SSL-certificate.

  • Complete Range of SSL Assurance Levels with the strongest encryption available
  • Cost saving configuration options
  • Universal Device Support  – in browsers, applications and devices
  • Premium Customer Services
  • Certified according to the European ETSI-standard.
  • Member of CA/Browser Forum

Norwegian Trustware – available worldwide We issue all our SSL-certificates world wide, from our highly secured ETSI-certified environment in Norway. Our SSL products satisfy international standards and follow industry best practice with respect to the issuance and management of SSL certificates, including technical specifications like algorithms, key lengths etc. Our product range includes certificates with different assurance and validation levels; domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV) and extended validation (EV). Delivered as single certificates, with multiple domains, as wildcard, or as a combination of wildcard and multi domain.