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Corporate Presentation:

Ævatar is a digital identity and data privacy management solution that streamlines European enterprises’ capabilities to comply with GDPR, the new European general data protection regulation along with eIDAS, DSP2/AMLD4.

Managed in a SaaS mode, the Ævatar solution includes a mobile application, MyAevatar, and an API, Ævatar Enterprise. MyAevatar enables its user to create, under his/her control, a self-sovereign identity. Ævatar Enterprise manages users’ identities and data access to their service providers. Users’ data are managed inside a secured personal data store under citizens’ exclusive control. Ævatar AI « conversational agent » is a personal life assistant.

Ævatar applies to a wide diversity of use cases: instant messaging, mPayment, physical access control, corporate logins, eTicketing, eGovernment / eAdmin relations… as much as home, health, family, leisure or social networks applications and services…

A Paris-based Social Benefit Corporation, Æ members include industry leaders such as id3 Technologies, CryptoExperts, Advance Track&Trace, Surys/Keesing, Cabinet Caprioli, Ethertrust, Aviom, FIME… Platform partners include IBM (read recent blog), BULL ATOS, INFINEON, the Group PhotoMe, SMK LOGOMOTION, Implementa… European collaborations include the “Technische Universität”  of Berlin, FZI Research Center for Information Technology of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and the health care insurance AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse

Product Description:

Managed under the sole responsibility of its user, MyÆvatar is an ID wallet that manages ID identity claims  secured with strong authentication factors.

MyÆvatar delivers a new frictionless “remote Identity Proofing” procedure. The user is elegantly guided to acquire step by step via her/his phone various proof of IDentity such as travel documents, payment cards, diploma, professional and social credentials,proof of residency, etc…
Thanks to an  automated verification against various European Identity Providers (IP), the user is then granted with her/his Verified Claims. These ID claims are then stored as secured cryptographic token in a safe enclave : her/his dedicated « personal data store » (PDS).

ÆVATAR performs strong, multifactor user authentication via the usage of algorithms that, in a contextual manner, combine things the user is (a biometric factor), has (a terminal) and knows (a PIN, for example). The ÆVATAR platform relies on Triple Blind cryptographic technologies and Attribute-Based Credentials (ABC) that comply with EU data privacy regulatory authorities, including CNIL in France.

The benefit of this approach is to offer the highest security standards in a smart and convenient manner. Actually, ÆVATAR :

  • is the first privacy-preserving mobile e-ID solution,
  • facilitates strong user authentication,
  • removes the pain of the password, and
  • therefore Increases user adoption and confidence


Consult the demos description on this link.

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