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2017 Demos


The MyÆvatar demo illustrates how, step-by-step, a citizen creates, under his sole and unique control, a self-sovereign digital identity that empowers him to smoothly automate strong authentication sessions when processing web-based transactions for everyday use.

Step 1 : Activation of the MyÆvatar app onto a standard Android smartphone.
Step 2 : Initiate the “Remote identity proofing” with a guided collection of several identity proof by mobile scanning :  driving license, a utility bill, and a selfie
Step 3 : Automated verification against selected Identity Providers, the “IdP”.
Step 4: Strong facial biometric authentication to generate Tokenized Claims
Step 5: Generate a peer2peer payment via secured Instant Messaging
Step 6: Generate a one-time access token that will be consumed by an eGate Camera (MatchOnToken)


To satisfy IoT/M2M market and policy security requirements, suitable duly tested solutions are needed to cope with security, privacy and safety also taking into account large scale IoT deployment. A testbench aimed at evaluating security level of IoT applications will be presented.

The global architecture of the demo is provided in the following figure:

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The demo thus aims at establishing a security benchmark evaluation of IoT devices being connected to a testbed.

Two scenarios related to the security of IoT/M2M oneM2M are applied to the oneM2M case. Results of testing scenario are be used to calculate a security label for the device under test.

– The first scenario is the security testing of a oneM2M Application (AE) using TTCN-3 security test cases. An Upper Tester sends triggering commands to the System Under Test (SUT). For the execution of security test cases, our SUT needs a credential manager delivering an encryption key. All triggering commends are finally examined by the test tool in order to assert on the results according to its defined test oracle (pass/fail status).

–  The second scenario, is an interoperability test case in an end to end security test environment. We validate starting from the device through to key retrieval, the encryption and secure storage of device data in the oneM2M platform.

The demo will include nice screen to present test execution and test results as well as poster, so to provide an attractive and enligthing demonstration to the visitors.


When the human immune system is faced with a new threat, not only can it detect it, but it produces antibodies that bind to it, and ultimately neutralize it. Darktrace Antigena replicates this function of the human immune system, by creating ‘digital antibodies’ in response to in-progress threats. Darktrace Antigena acts automatically to restrain or contain threats quickly enough to allow humans to catch up. It could only take 20 minutes for a major threat, such as a ransomware attack, to evolve into a crisis – Darktrace Antigena’s automated action slows, or stops threats in a targeted fashion, to provide security teams with a vital time window in which to take mitigating action. Darktrace Antigena’s autonomous response capability allows organizations to directly fight back, and networks to self-defend against specific threats, without disrupting your organization.


Demos by SK ID

Smart-ID enables strong customer authentication online. Mobile internet or WiFi connection is needed for using the Smart-ID app on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.
Smart-ID works simply:

  • Go to e-service website
  • Choose Smart-ID to log in
  • Enter your unique username and/or national ID number
  • Get a notification on your Smart-ID device
  • Compare verification codes in the e-service and the Smart-ID app
  • Enter your secret personal PIN1 code in the Smart-ID app

Simple as that – you are logged in to the e-service! Signing electronically works the same way, just use your PIN2 code meant for e-signing.


G+D Mobile Security – Secure Remote Identification

One platform – endless use cases.

G+D Mobile Security is showcasing App and Browser-based Secure Remote Identification Solutions incl. mobile attribute verification from DANAL.

Full featured video-chat based remote identification (BAFIN 03/2017 compliant):

  • Call center user management and waiting queue
  • Document snapshot and automatic data capture
  • Data and security feature verification
  • Report generation and storage
  • Mobile network operator attribute verification by DANAL

Self-serviced and Point of Sale based identification flows

  • Document snapshot and automatic data capture
  • NFC readouts of international travel documents
  • Data verification and customer verification
  • Report generation and storage
  • Mobile network operator attribute verification by DANAL


ICTK presents three demo activities as below:
1. IoT security demo:
IoT security, machine authentication, data encryption, and data integrity are performed on a ‘Raspberry Pi’ platform. The VIA PUF Authenticator, IL005 (GIANT) encrypts the temperature and humidity data from sensors and generates message authentication code with VIA PUF protected crypto-keys.
2. Anti-counterfeiting for printer cartridge demo:
The VIA PUF Authenticator, IL005 (GIANT) provides cryptographic authentication for consumables. A random challenge from printer is given to an IL005 (GIANT) mounted on a printer cartridge. Then the IL005 (GIANT) generates a corresponding response with PUF protected key. Another IL005 (GIANT) mounted at the host side verifies the response from the cartridge.
3. Anti-counterfeiting for non-electronic products
The NFC tag protected by VIA PUF for anti-counterfeiting for the non-electronic products such as liquor, cosmetics, medicines, luxury goods, etc. Smartphone is the communication media through NFC between target product being authenticated and server. This system is not only to provide authentication, but also contribute in collecting big data from consumers. It also supports to prevent from night- shifting.

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