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Mohammed Murad

VP Marketing & Business Development, Iris ID, USA

Mohammed Murad

VP Marketing & Business Development, Iris ID, USA


Mohammed Murad is a highly accomplished international business and technical leader with exceptional decision-making skills; able to take charge to facilitate directives that achieve strong, sustainable results.  He offers a unique combination of market knowledge and leadership experience within global identity management industries.  His extensive experience includes providing strategic solutions to multinational commercial and government clients.

He has been directly involved in the secure implementation of some of the world’s largest iris biometric systems:

Andhra Pradesh, India, 60-million people welfare program

India, 1.2 billion-people UIDAI program

Mexico, 110-million people national ID program

Qatar, immigration and border control, 20 million+ people

Currently Mr. Murad serves as an advisor on the Secutronic board, the fastest growing security firm in Saudi Arabia and acts as a proxy for Mr. Koo on the International Biometric Identification Association in Washington D, C.

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